Fundraising Music

Successful fundraising events are about bringing people together for a common cause and are paramount to the financial success of charitable organizations.

So, for your next Chicago area fundraiser, contact the Ron Harris Music Group for a great band or ensemble.

Whether it’s your big, annual gala, to celebrate an anniversary or to recognize one or more special donors, the Ron Harris Music Group is the go-to for helping organizations, like yours, accomplish any or all of those goals.

Call or email Ron Harris to discuss the details of your upcoming event and to check availability, 312-280-1983.

Omni Youth Services Annual Gala, Chicago, IL
Everything went fabulously and we could not have been more pleased with the music and the overall service that we received during both the planning phase and the event itself.”

Keeping it Fresh and New

While we know that your donors like to support your cause, we also understand that you need to keep it fresh and do something new and unique, to keep their attention and to keep them coming back year after year.

The Ron Harris Music Group will help you create a memorable event by integrating just the right music, at the right time, to coordinate with the events and activities of your day. From choosing the perfect soloist, ensemble or band, for background music through a packed dance floor, we have just the answer to help make your event the talk of the town.

Arthritis Foundation Gala Fundraiser, Fairmont Hotel, Chicago, IL
“I know 100% that we will be doing more events together as we move forward.”

To design a program specific to your musical needs, Ron Harris will work closely with you to get a full understanding of the event and the composition of the audience. We will then recommend a musical program that will work best for your vision.

When your fundraising event demands only the finest in live entertainment, call or email Ron Harris to discuss the details and check availability, 312-280-1983.

Working Together as a Team

Ron’s extensive work with fundraising professionals, like you, provides him with the understanding of some of your most common concerns regarding the musical entertainment, including:

  • Volume control; We keep volumes at a level that will not overwhelm the conversations of your guests
  • Musical variety; We customize the evening’s repertoire to appeal to the specific variety of ages and musical tastes of your audience.
  • Event Themes; We work with you, through our wide repertoire, which allows us to provide music that best supports the theme of your event.
  • Flexibility. At your event, we understand that occasionally the day’s events may require flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes. That’s why so many fundraisers choose the Ron Harris Music Group. Our extensive experience allows us to work with you to ensure the success of your fundraiser and the happiness of your guests.

Ron specializes in working with you to select the perfect mix of musicians and musical styles for your fundraising event.

  • For background music; We’ll help you select music that creates the right feel for your event. You can select from a soloist, duo, trio or quartet.
  • For dance music; High energy and great song selections keep everyone dancing. We’ll customize the perfect size band for your event – from a five-piece band up to a 10-piece band.

To schedule an appointment and to discuss the details of your next fundraiser, call or email Ron Harris, 312-280-1983.

Christopher House Annual Gala, Ravenswood Billboard Factory, Chicago, IL
“Ron, thank you for all your help. We had quite a bit of positive feedback concerning the entertainment we arranged for the Gala. Thank you for helping make this event such a success.